Hello and Welcome to KitAircraftMods.com!
My Name is Dave Hertner and I have built and flown a Van’s RV-10.

I initially started this blog because I am a tinkerer and I wanted to have an aircraft that was not only unique in that it is an experimental amateur built craft but also an aircraft that was unique within the experimental category itself.
I have seen a large number of RV-10s out there, built since the kit was approved under the 51% rule. What I really like seeing though are the RV-10s that are not cookie cutter so to speak. Ones that incorporate inspiration and some true experimentation. I built this plane and it took me way longer than most because I spent countless hours sitting next to it in my garage thinking about, dreaming of and planning what has become a most wondrous aircraft.

This blog has since morphed into something different and that is a good thing. I think that people are coming back to it to read about my experience in installing the LS1 Corvette engine as well as some of the other mods that I have made.

I want this blog to be about freedom of expression when it comes to our collective passion. I want it to be a save place to exchange ideas and post both successes and failures. This is how we learn. This is how we progress from past norms to new norms.

Let me know if you have an idea that you would like me to share with the people who read the posts on this site. My readership numbers are increasing so I must be providing the content that builders and owners crave.

Thanks for coming to the site. Spend some time looking through my past posts. I will be posting regularly here so I would appreciate that you spread the word that I have begun this endeavor.

Blue Skies,