Where I Want to Take This Blog

Good Afternoon, I want to take a few moments and discuss the direction that I would like to take this blog. I initially thought that this space would be dedicated to those people who made modifications to kit aircraft in general. This has proved to be too broad of a topic. I have learned that you need to specialize in one area and become an expert in it for others to be attracted to the content. I think that alternative engine installations in experimental aircraft is where my passion lies. I have been writing about my own experiences in this area for some time and it is the topic for which I get the most feedback. I would like to Continue reading Where I Want to Take This Blog

Changes in Cooling System Philosophy

Good Morning! I have been devoting a lot of thought to the design of the cooling system in my RV-10 in preparation of installing the belly scoop and radiator. I have the basic template drawn for the belly scoop using the numbers given me by Ross Farnham in Calgary. I have ordered a new radiator from Bill Kydd in Mount Brydges Ontario. The new rad will be approximately 28 inches wide and 12 inches tall. It is a dual pass radiator which means that both the inlet and outlet necks are on the same side. Coolant enters the upper inlet neck and travels through the upper half of the radiator. When it hits the other side it descends within the Continue reading Changes in Cooling System Philosophy

Gearbox Oil Filter Types

Hi Everyone, I want to take a minute to talk about the filtering of PSRU Gearbox oil. The gearbox that I purchased for my RV-10 from Geared Drives came to me with a Fram oil filter installed on it. It turns out that the selection of an automotive engine oil filter designed for 10W-30 oil isn’t a good choice at all when trying to filter gear oil. Testing has shown that the gear oil doesn’t want to go through the paper filter medium very easily and as a result, pressure builds up ahead of the filter which forces open the bypass valve. This results in unfiltered oil being circulated through the bearings and the addition of air to the oil Continue reading Gearbox Oil Filter Types

I am going to make some changes to the C-GVMH

Hi Everyone, Thanks to all of you out there who have been stopping in to see what I have been doing and sorry AGAIN for not keeping up a regular posting schedule. Life just conspires to get in the way. The last time I posted, we had just flown my RV-10 for the first time and that was very cool indeed! The aircraft now has about 18 hours on the airframe and flies like a dream. We did the initial testing at St.Thomas Municipal Airport (CYQS) and then moved the plane to Collingwood to do my transition training. I was about 5 hours into my transition training when we experienced a gearbox failure and had to make an emergency landing Continue reading I am going to make some changes to the C-GVMH

LS1 Intake System for the RV-10

Welcome Everyone to another Kit Aircraft Mods Post! Today I am going to talk about the intake box that I designed for my Geared Drives LS1 installation. The Geared Drives (now called Auto PSRUs LLC) firewall forward package that I have seen installed in the company demonstrator and a couple of finished aircraft at Oshkosh utilized a conical intake air filter mounted to a tube leading to the intake throttle body. This is a simple solution to getting filtered air into the engine. It draws intake air from within the cowl near the firewall. In my installation I wanted to modify the existing Van’s cowl intake scoop so that I could harness ram air effect to gain some added horsepower Continue reading LS1 Intake System for the RV-10

First Flight – Part 2

Hello and Welcome to Kit Aircraft Mods. I am glad that you stopped by to see what is going on. Today I am going to expand on the first attempt at flight in my airplane. The initial flight attempt was conducted at St.Thomas Municipal Airport (CYQS) and the aircraft was piloted by Paul Briggs who is a professional test pilot. I went with a professional test pilot for the initial flights and transition training to satisfy the insurance company and my wife!! The insurance company was willing to give me full coverage as long as I had Paul in the pilot seat. This was due to the fact that I am a low time pilot with under 200 hours total Continue reading First Flight – Part 2

Audience Participation

Good day and welcome to KitAircraftMods.com First off, I would like to thank everyone who has been visiting this site to read my posts. It is nice to see that people from all over the word are reading through my posts. My purpose for this blog was also to have a place where you can get your modification posted for others to see. I would love to hear from you readers. Let me know what you are working on. Tell me about your projects and I will get it into a post and we can all learn form the information. It doesn’t have to be about a specific modification to your aircraft.This is a flexible format and I am open Continue reading Audience Participation