Vernier vs. Lever Style Engine Controls – RV10

Here is a photo of the engine control quadrant that I installed on my RV-10. I always thought that I would like to have the same style lever quadrant that was in the Piper PA-28-140 that I learned to fly in. Although this unit is very well made and operates smoothly, I have found it to be difficult to use in my RV-10. The main reason for this is the mounting position and the resolution you can attain for micro adjusting the levers. After having flown a number of Cessnas over the years, I have some experience with vernier type push-pull throttle and mixture cables. In a C172 you do not need to worry about fine adjustments as few of Continue reading Vernier vs. Lever Style Engine Controls – RV10

I am going to make some changes to the C-GVMH

Hi Everyone, Thanks to all of you out there who have been stopping in to see what I have been doing and sorry AGAIN for not keeping up a regular posting schedule. Life just conspires to get in the way. The last time I posted, we had just flown my RV-10 for the first time and that was very cool indeed! The aircraft now has about 18 hours on the airframe and flies like a dream. We did the initial testing at St.Thomas Municipal Airport (CYQS) and then moved the plane to Collingwood to do my transition training. I was about 5 hours into my transition training when we experienced a gearbox failure and had to make an emergency landing Continue reading I am going to make some changes to the C-GVMH

First Flight – Part 2

Hello and Welcome to Kit Aircraft Mods. I am glad that you stopped by to see what is going on. Today I am going to expand on the first attempt at flight in my airplane. The initial flight attempt was conducted at St.Thomas Municipal Airport (CYQS) and the aircraft was piloted by Paul Briggs who is a professional test pilot. I went with a professional test pilot for the initial flights and transition training to satisfy the insurance company and my wife!! The insurance company was willing to give me full coverage as long as I had Paul in the pilot seat. This was due to the fact that I am a low time pilot with under 200 hours total Continue reading First Flight – Part 2

Reversing the RV-10 Seat Rails on Kit Aircraft Mods

There is a modification that I made to the Van’s RV-10 seat rails that I would like to share with you today. In the RV-10 there are two seat rails that the front seats slide on. These two rails are different in that one of them has a locking mechanism built into it. This locking mechanism has been the topic of many discussions due to its position on the outboard side of the seat. This position makes it difficult for the front seat occupant to get their hand down between the seat and the inner side panel of the cockpit. The occupant then has to lift the T handle, slide the seat forward and go up an incline all at Continue reading Reversing the RV-10 Seat Rails on Kit Aircraft Mods

Kit Aircraft Mods Review – MotoPOD for Rv-10

Welcome to another post on Kit Aircraft Mods. Today I am going to tell you about an interesting storage pod designed to attach to the Van’s RV-10. The unit is called the MotoPOD and is offered by David Shelton of MotoPOD LLC in Winnetka Illinois. Here is a photo of the MotoPOD on an RV-10. It is a streamlined unit and has a very nice esthetic. Flight testing has revealed a 9 knot reduction in cruise speed and is essentially benign in changes to the handling of the aircraft. I had the opportunity to meet the President of the company during the launch of the product at AirVenture 2008. I was very impressed with the amount of thought put into Continue reading Kit Aircraft Mods Review – MotoPOD for Rv-10

The First Flight of My RV-10

Hi Everyone, I want to let you know that I flew my RV-10 for the first time on the 2nd of October!! WHAT A RUSH!!! We moved the plane to an airport closer to my test pilot’s home to keep the costs down and after almost eight years of building I was able to climb into the left seat and taxi the airplane out onto the runway. Totally surreal! I don’t think that I was prepared for the amount of thrust that the LS1 engine creates and as I have been flying Cessnas and Pipers  all of my life I had a real education in the first hour of flight. This aircraft really goes Take off requires the pilot to Continue reading The First Flight of My RV-10

Flap Motor Grease Removal

Good Morning, There has been a number of instances of Van’s flap motor quitting as a result of the lubricating grease getting into the motor housing and gumming up the brushes. This causes the motor to fail. Pilots have had the motor fail in all positions. This can be an awkward situation that tends to present itself either in the beginning of your flight or at the end. I think that it would be most dangerous during a missed approach where you need to get the flaps up to achieve a positive rate of climb on the overshoot. My friend Gary Wilcox just posted a great article on that shows how to take the motor and linear actuator apart Continue reading Flap Motor Grease Removal