Duckworks HID Landing and Taxi Lighting

When it comes to Van’s aircraft lighting there is a number of choices that you have to make before closing out the wings. I have touched on the very cool wing tip position lighting from Jeff Bordelon but you have to make a decision on the landing and taxi lighting as well. There are two schools of thought here. You can either put them in the wing tip with the position lights or you can install them in the leading edge of the wing. The wing tip lights are small compared to the leading edge lighting and they tuck neatly into the wing tip lens. This is about all I think that they have going for them. I have purchased Continue reading Duckworks HID Landing and Taxi Lighting

The Quality of Fiberglass Components

I want to spend some time talking about the poor quality of the fiberglass components that come with aluminum airframe kits. This issue has been in the forefront of many conversations in the RV-10 Matronix list that I belong to. I have experience with Van’s kits and that is what I will talk to today. Many of my fellow builders are looking at replacing major composite components in the kit including the doors and the main canopy structure. Van’s ship one heck of a kit when you are talking about the aluminum structure. They fall way short when you look at the fit and finish of their fiberglass components. There is little doubt that an inordinate amount of time and Continue reading The Quality of Fiberglass Components

Who’s Had a Bad Experience?

How many of you have had an issue, a bad experience, lost money, were poorly treated, received a poor quality product, received inadequate installation instructions, couldn’t get repair parts or ended up having to call a lawyer? Why is it that dealing with supply of accessories tends to be one of the worst parts of building an aircraft? Here we are shelling out huge dollars to buy not only the kit but all of the various accessories that go along with it. I recently purchased an overhead console for my RV-10 from a supplier in Utah. This is a fiberglass unit that fits into the upper canopy of the RV-10. It comes with eyeball vents, LED lights and a DVD Continue reading Who’s Had a Bad Experience?