Where I Want to Take This Blog

Good Afternoon, I want to take a few moments and discuss the direction that I would like to take this blog. I initially thought that this space would be dedicated to those people who made modifications to kit aircraft in general. This has proved to be too broad of a topic. I have learned that you need to specialize in one area and become an expert in it for others to be attracted to the content. I think that alternative engine installations in experimental aircraft is where my passion lies. I have been writing about my own experiences in this area for some time and it is the topic for which I get the most feedback. I would like to Continue reading Where I Want to Take This Blog

Audience Participation

Good day and welcome to KitAircraftMods.com First off, I would like to thank everyone who has been visiting this site to read my posts. It is nice to see that people from all over the word are reading through my posts. My purpose for this blog was also to have a place where you can get your modification posted for others to see. I would love to hear from you readers. Let me know what you are working on. Tell me about your projects and I will get it into a post and we can all learn form the information. It doesn’t have to be about a specific modification to your aircraft.This is a flexible format and I am open Continue reading Audience Participation

Methods of Securing Rotating Shaft Seals

Good Morning Everyone, This morning I want to discuss the lowly seal. It is one of those often under-appreciated items in the engine that can make for a very bad day should one fail or worse, work its way out of its installed position. This is very important for aircraft applications where the loss of any critical fluid can mean that you are heading for a forced approach and a potential off field landing. There are two ways in which a shaft seal can fail on you. The rubber seal material can deteriorate and allow fluid to pass. This is the engineered way it is supposed to fail. The designers of the seal want it to wear over time and Continue reading Methods of Securing Rotating Shaft Seals

The New Site

Hi Everyone, I am pleased to present the new design for KitAircraftMods.com. We will be making more changes to the site as time goes on as I want to be able to put some ads on the side bar that I think are relevant to my visitors. As well, we have changed hosting companies in an effort to gain more flexibility in the design of the site. I  will be making a sincere effort to get content posted on a more regular basis. What I would like to ask you readers to do for me is to post comments and send me your examples of modifications made to your projects. There is nothing better than hearing of a simple fix Continue reading The New Site

Engine Start Warning Horn

Greetings, I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! I have an airplane that doesn’t have a small window for the pilot to open and shout “CLEAR” out of when starting the engine. When it is cold out you want that door shut and with its gull wing design you cant leave it raised with the engine running. Initially, I thought that it would be neat to have a small powered PA speaker mounted in the engine compartment through which you could broadcast your “CLEAR” at the appropriate time. It would be somehow linked into the audio panel and your headset microphone. This idea proved to be more trouble than it solved. I then got the idea of installing a Continue reading Engine Start Warning Horn

New Blog for Dial2Start and Cellular Controls

Hi everyone, I would like to announce that I have started a separate blog that will talk about my Dail2Start Cellular Control Units and in general remote control via GSM controlled switches. I would be very pleased if you signed up to follow either of my blogs as this gets the word out further and wider to people who might be interested in purchasing my units. Briefly, the Dial2Start Cellular Switch can operate any 100v appliance, motor, pump,etc. from anywhere in the world via SMS text messaging. It works great for starting up furnaces at cottages, controlling vehicle pre-heaters and such. Heck, I even have a unit in a bill board controlling a JackPot sign that lights up when the Continue reading New Blog for Dial2Start and Cellular Controls

I am Still here!!!

Hi Everyone, Just a note to let everyone know that I am still here and still plugging away at my RV-10 and the myriad of other projects I have on the go. Since I last posted I have been able to move the plane to the hangar and substantially complete the construction and wiring. I am now working on the little details while testing the fuel system for leaks. I have been working on the Dial2Start units and we are finally ready for production! The path in getting this unit ready for sale has been MUCH longer than I anticipated and much more costly. The Dial2Start unis are now certified under the c TUV us  mark and I am now Continue reading I am Still here!!!