Andair Fuel Cap Modification

Hello Everyone, I recently had the final inspection completed  on my RV-10 and one of the snags surprised me. The inspector was looking at my beautiful Andair fuel caps and asked me whether they were ground bonded to the airframe. I didn’t know so we took a multi-meter and checked to see if there was an electrical connection between the Andair sleeve that gets bonded into the original fuel neck in Van’s wing tank and the wing skin. There wasn’t. This meant that I had to come up with a way to electrically connect the original neck of the fuel tank and the sleeve that gets bonded in with tank sealant. What I did to correct this was to  drill Continue reading Andair Fuel Cap Modification

New Canadian Flight Planning Site

Hi Everyone, I just came across a new flight planning site that has been developed by Canadians and is Canadian at its core. It is called World Flight Planner. What a refreshing change. It seems that all of the products that I have been reviewing lately in anticipation of flying my plane think that Canada is only 100 miles from North to South! It is frustrating to see all of these wonderful tools in the hands of the Americans and we are left in the cold up here with our whiz wheels!! EH to GO Doug and Blake!! You have made one Canadian VERY Happy. Dave

Received Certificate of Airworthiness!!!!

Hi everyone, Recently, I completed the final inspection on my RV-10 and after fixing up a few snags ( I would have been VERY surprised if he didn’t find any problems) I now have permission to take her flying. We have named the plane Vera May after my grandmother and I have been able to get the registration marks C-GVMH which are her initials. I have a couple of issues to deal with before she takes flight though. I have a nagging radio problem that we have been trying to rectify. The SL-30 has been going into COMM failure after it warms up and it eventually will not change frequencies. It transmits and receives OK on the frequency it is Continue reading Received Certificate of Airworthiness!!!!

Dial-2-Start Cellular Remote Switches Available

Hi Everyone, I am VERY happy to announce that the first run of Dial-2-Start Cellular Remote Switches are ready for sale. For those who haven’t been following the development of this product, I have been developing a device that will control your engine pre-heater allowing you to start heating up your engine by simply calling the unit. The unit plugs into any standard 110 volt socket and can supply 12 amps to any type of heater or other device you choose. It has 2 output circuits that have LED lights in the ends so you can tell if the unit is activated. The outputs can be set to turn on for a specific amount of time up to 18 hours Continue reading Dial-2-Start Cellular Remote Switches Available

Alternative Engine Wiring Harnesses – Does Your Harness Use the Correct Wire?

I am building a Van’s RV-10 with a Chevrolet LS1 V8 engine in place of the Lycoming IO-540. My build has progressed along pretty much as planned but I did run into a bit of a problem when it came to wiring the firewall forward.   As many of you have seen under the hood of your automobile, there is a large mass of wires that originates at the engine computer module (ECM) that fan out to the various sensors and actuators throughout the engine compartment. As the engine I have chosen is of the same automotive origin, I have had to play in their sandbox so to speak when it comes to wiring harnesses.   I first started looking Continue reading Alternative Engine Wiring Harnesses – Does Your Harness Use the Correct Wire?

Dial 2 Start Cellular Switch

Hello All, We have made significant progress to date in the development of the cell switches. I am happy to announce that the prototype unit is going to be submitted for product safety testing next week. This process will take from 4 to 6 weeks and will end with the issuance of a cTUVus rating. This process will give customers the assurance that this electrical appliance has been properly tested to meet IEEE standards and is ready for the market place. I am happy to be offering this fully certified product to a market that has seen other offerings that look very similar. None of the other products that I have come across in my research have been put through Continue reading Dial 2 Start Cellular Switch

Removable NACA Vent Covers

I was parusing the wonderful Van’s Airforce site run by my friend Doug Reeves the other day and I came across a post by Bob Axsom. He is always looking to reduce drag on his airplane and came up with an interesting cover for the NACA intake on the side of his plane. Using a piece of aluminum cut out to the shape of the NACA air intake opening he rivited another piece of aluminum to the wider end (aft) so that it would go in behind the skin of the aircraft. On the narrowend he dirlled and dimpled a hole for a flush screw. The screw extends through the plastic duct to a fastener behind. Now, Bob did this for Continue reading Removable NACA Vent Covers