Been Away For A While

Hi Everyone, Been away from this site for way too long I have been working on my RV-10 and have added products to my line offered through Cleaveland Aircraft Tools. I currently have 6 products that I sell through Cleaveland and I am always looking for more. If you have an accessory that you have designed and don’t want to market but would like to see successful. Send me a e-mail at I would be happy to discuss it with you. The latest product I have designed is a replacement spacer set for the RV-10 nose wheel. This spacer set consists of a solid spacer on one side of the wheel bearing and a two-piece threaded spacer on the Continue reading Been Away For A While

The Last Couple of Days and Readers Comments

I haven’t posted for a day or so because I have been actually working on my airplane. I have had a local upholsterer here at in the garage taking measurements for the wonderful leather and fabric seat covers that I have designed. He is also taking the measurements to make templates for the side panels and carpet sections. I can’t believe the cost of an upholstery job. I am lucky though that I found someone local who has experience with aircraft. I am having him make all of the templates so that I can offer an upholstery package that is less expensive. This might mean that we will have to put out a standard set of colors to keep the Continue reading The Last Couple of Days and Readers Comments

A little bit of Business

Hi there everyone, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my blog. I have been very happy with the numbers who have come to visit. I will get a little bit of administration out of the way right off of the bat. I initially started this blog under the URL This proved somewhat awkward for me in that I kept telling eveyone that it was when it wasn’t. I have cleared this up by switching over to the current completely and I am much happier for it. As well, I would love it it you would place a link to my blog on your home page or e-mail it to Continue reading A little bit of Business

Welcome to everyone who has made a modification to a kit aircraft.

I would like to say hello to all you experimental aircraft builders out there who love to make modifications to their aircraft or its systems. I am starting this blog to provide information and reviews of the many modifications that are out there already and provide a space for those yet to be thought up. My name Is Dave Hertner and I am currently building a Van’s RV-10. I have made a number of modifications to my own aircraft and as a result I have started a company named Effectus AeroProducts to manufacture high quality accessories and sub-kits for experimental kit aircraft. I will be on the look out for modifications that have been made by ordinary builders just like Continue reading Welcome to everyone who has made a modification to a kit aircraft.