The Purchase of Fisher Flying Products

I have been conspicuously absent from this blog for quite some time.

In March of this year I heard that Fisher Flying Products was up for sale. I have been a supplier of metal parts to them for a number of years now and because of that, the owner approached me to see if I was interested in taking over.

This has been a big endeavor for me as I am still working my full time day job. With the support of my family though, I have been able to purchase the company and move it to Dorchester Ontario.

Fisher Flying Products is the largest manufacturer in the world of full size wooden aircraft kits. We manufacture kit components for 14 different aircraft that range in horsepower from 28 hp to 115hp.

We have ultralight models that can be flown under the Part 103 rules in the United States and our larger aircraft can be licensed under LSA and Ultralight categories throughout the world. The designs are representations of classic designs and include a Cub look a like and an 80% scale version of the DeHavilland Tiger Moth. Many of the designs use a unique Geodetic design that is both strong and light.

Fisher Flying Products is anchored solidly in the Affordable Flying market. Our kits are very reasonably priced. You can be flying one of our ultralight models for under $20,000 and our most advanced models for under $45,000! The kits are very comprehensive and include everything except the engine, engine mount, propeller, avionics and finish paint.

You can find Fisher Flying Products at

We have a new website that is still under construction but you can download the 2014 price sheet there. Give us a call at 519-933-2055 if you have any questions. We would be glad to hear from you.



Dave Hertner

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