Fisher and D-Motor

Fisher Flying Products has been recently awarded the Canadian Dealership for D-Motor engines! The D-Motor engine is a revolutionary engine that uses a Retro design philosophy. Current engine designs almost exclusively utilize an overhead valve arrangement which has been an evolutionary result of the need for increased volumetric efficiency as RPM increases. This has been driven by the racing industry be it in auto, motorcycle, boat or aircraft racing. More horsepower either needs bigger displacement or higher RPMs. Look at ships. Huge horsepower with low RPM and a resultant huge weight. On the other end, look at motorcycle engines. 5 valves and 12,000rpm equals high HP per Litre. D-Motor engines are torque motors. Large pistons and short throws. Another term Continue reading Fisher and D-Motor

The Purchase of Fisher Flying Products

I have been conspicuously absent from this blog for quite some time. In March of this year I heard that Fisher Flying Products was up for sale. I have been a supplier of metal parts to them for a number of years now and because of that, the owner approached me to see if I was interested in taking over. This has been a big endeavor for me as I am still working my full time day job. With the support of my family though, I have been able to purchase the company and move it to Dorchester Ontario. Fisher Flying Products is the largest manufacturer in the world of full size wooden aircraft kits. We manufacture kit components for Continue reading The Purchase of Fisher Flying Products