Hangar Warmth, Paint and Snowdrifts :-(

I went out to the hangar yesterday to turn the thermostat on the wall heater up so that we could put another coat of epoxy floor paint this morning. I unlocked the door and went to push it open. Wouldn’t you know! It pushed back. I got it open just a crack to discover that there was a snowdrift behind the door! Three feet high! It took me 2 hours of shoveling to clear out all of the snow that had some how along with our good friend the wind lift the door flapper and allow things to run amok.

Well, after thoroughly freezing my buns off I managed to get the thermostat turned up. This morning my partner Charlie and I met up and painted the second coat on the floor. We are going to put the last coat on on Friday and hopefully by Sunday I will be able to start moving some things into the room. Clean-up of the hangar will ensue and as I now have the gearbox at the hangar work will soon begin on getting the plane back together.

I have ordered the new radiator for the bottom of the plane and once I have it in my possession I can start looking into how I am going to mount it. Exciting times are just ahead.

Blue Skies and Warmth to all,


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