YouTube Video of Engine Running On Test Stand

Fellow LS1 Aviation Engine Enthusiasts,

I have received a link to a YouTube video of my gearbox running on the test stand. Stuart Davis sent me this video so that I could see it running for the first time since my old gearbox failed. It was wonderful to see it swinging a prop again.


You can see the video here: Auto PSRU Gearbox on LS1

Stuart told me that the testing of synthetic lubricants in the gearbox is complete and that he is going to be shipping it back to me next week. I can’t wait to get it hung on my engine again. My MT propeller has been sitting on the floor for over a year and I have been worried about it getting damaged. I guess this is going to kick off the campaign to get C-GVMH (Vera May) back into the air.

Enjoy the video.


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