Great Gearbox News – 100th Post

Hi Everyone,

Great News today on what is my 100th post!

I received word from Stuart Davis at Auto PSRUs that my gearbox has been thoroughly tested and now has 10.5 hours on the test stand. The gearbox has functioned very well and the oiling system has done the job of lubricating the bearings and supplying oil to the prop governor admirably.

Stuart is doing the final oil analysis and checking the filter media before packing it up to ship back to me. I will have it in my hot little hands in a week.

You know what this means! I am going to have to get moving on getting the hangar’s heated work room finished and start working in earnest on the new cooling system. At least I have the new radiator ordered from Bill Kydd. It will be available in a couple of weeks. Looks like March Break is shaping up to be an airplane construction week.

Yee Ha and Blue Skies!


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