Kit Aircraft Mods Review – MotoPOD for Rv-10

Welcome to another post on Kit Aircraft Mods.

Today I am going to tell you about an interesting storage pod designed to attach to the Van’s RV-10. The unit is called the MotoPOD and is offered by David Shelton of MotoPOD LLC in Winnetka Illinois.

MotoPOD on Kit Aircraft ModsHere is a photo of the MotoPOD on an RV-10. It is a streamlined unit and has a very nice esthetic. Flight testing has revealed a 9 knot reduction in cruise speed and is essentially benign in changes to the handling of the aircraft.

I had the opportunity to meet the President of the company during the launch of the product at AirVenture 2008. I was very impressed with the amount of thought put into the design. Not only had the company thought through the aerodynamic design of the pod but it had also thought through the handling of the unit on the ground with a motorcycle nestled inside the POD.

With the motorcycle in the POD you back the airplane over the POD. Once in place the cables for the pod are attached to the plane and the POD is winched up into place where it is securely attached to the airframe. Slick as puppy poo!!

The motorcycle weighs in at 230 lbs so there is more than enough capacity for carrying camping gear, skis and golf clubs.The weight of the POD and cargo will be much closer to the center of gravity than the baggage compartment so the aircraft handling characteristics aren’t affected much as weight is added.

MotoPOD with Motorcycle on Kit Aircraft ModsThere is a lot of ingenuity involved in getting a motorcycle that two can ride folded up so that it can fit into a cargo pod that will fit on the bottom of an RV-10. As you can see above, there is enough room for the helmets too!!

The company has modified a 225cc motorcycle to fit into the pod by installing folding handlebars and pegs, a carbon fiber body and no-spill plumbing. It is powered by a reliable 4-stroke engine attached to a 6 speed transmission. It only takes 5 minutes to remove the motorcycle from the pod and get it ready to run. There is no heavy lifting required.

There are some drawbacks to owning an airplane and one of them is that there is usually no transportation from the lovely little airport out there 5 miles from town. Lots of airports have a courtesy car but just as many don’t. The utility of your aircraft can be increased by a great amount if you have the ability to explore the towns and areas around the remote airports.

Although this POD has many great features, you will have to keep an eye on the weight and balance. I can imagine that it would be very easy to cram a whole lot of people in the plane and then a whole lot of luggage into the POD. The POD will attract attention on the ramp and we wouldn’t want to run afoul of the authorities during a ramp check.

Let’s face it! We have this huge investment in the aircraft and we need to see the utility out if it when we are traveling. Having the bike there to hop into town for a bite to eat is a very handy thing. The MotoPOD is well made and very well thought out. It would make a great modification to your airplane.

Hoe you have a great flight!





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