Methods of Securing Rotating Shaft Seals

Good Morning Everyone, This morning I want to discuss the lowly seal. It is one of those often under-appreciated items in the engine that can make for a very bad day should one fail or worse, work its way out of its installed position. This is very important for aircraft applications where the loss of any critical fluid can mean that you are heading for a forced approach and a potential off field landing. There are two ways in which a shaft seal can fail on you. The rubber seal material can deteriorate and allow fluid to pass. This is the engineered way it is supposed to fail. The designers of the seal want it to wear over time and Continue reading Methods of Securing Rotating Shaft Seals

Reversing the RV-10 Seat Rails on Kit Aircraft Mods

There is a modification that I made to the Van’s RV-10 seat rails that I would like to share with you today. In the RV-10 there are two seat rails that the front seats slide on. These two rails are different in that one of them has a locking mechanism built into it. This locking mechanism has been the topic of many discussions due to its position on the outboard side of the seat. This position makes it difficult for the front seat occupant to get their hand down between the seat and the inner side panel of the cockpit. The occupant then has to lift the T handle, slide the seat forward and go up an incline all at Continue reading Reversing the RV-10 Seat Rails on Kit Aircraft Mods

Kit Aircraft Mods Review – MotoPOD for Rv-10

Welcome to another post on Kit Aircraft Mods. Today I am going to tell you about an interesting storage pod designed to attach to the Van’s RV-10. The unit is called the MotoPOD and is offered by David Shelton of MotoPOD LLC in Winnetka Illinois. Here is a photo of the MotoPOD on an RV-10. It is a streamlined unit and has a very nice esthetic. Flight testing has revealed a 9 knot reduction in cruise speed and is essentially benign in changes to the handling of the aircraft. I had the opportunity to meet the President of the company during the launch of the product at AirVenture 2008. I was very impressed with the amount of thought put into Continue reading Kit Aircraft Mods Review – MotoPOD for Rv-10

Instrumentation for Your Propeller Speed Reduction Unit

Welcome Everyone to another installment of Kit Aircraft Mods. Today I want to talk about the instrumentation needed to properly monitor the PSRU attached to your engine. This critical component of your airplane’s propulsion system needs to be monitored closely and I want to discuss the parameters that will be monitored and the placement of the sensors so that the proper information is getting conveyed to you the pilot in the cockpit. To start off, I will identify the two variables that we want to monitor. First is the gearbox temperature and second is the pressure of the lubricating oil flowing through the bearings. The first important question one needs to ask is: “The temperature of what?” The PSRU is Continue reading Instrumentation for Your Propeller Speed Reduction Unit

The New Site

Hi Everyone, I am pleased to present the new design for We will be making more changes to the site as time goes on as I want to be able to put some ads on the side bar that I think are relevant to my visitors. As well, we have changed hosting companies in an effort to gain more flexibility in the design of the site. I  will be making a sincere effort to get content posted on a more regular basis. What I would like to ask you readers to do for me is to post comments and send me your examples of modifications made to your projects. There is nothing better than hearing of a simple fix Continue reading The New Site