Flap Motor Grease Removal

Good Morning, There has been a number of instances of Van’s flap motor quitting as a result of the lubricating grease getting into the motor housing and gumming up the brushes. This causes the motor to fail. Pilots have had the motor fail in all positions. This can be an awkward situation that tends to present itself either in the beginning of your flight or at the end. I think that it would be most dangerous during a missed approach where you need to get the flaps up to achieve a positive rate of climb on the overshoot. My friend Gary Wilcox just posted a great article on vansairforce.net that shows how to take the motor and linear actuator apart Continue reading Flap Motor Grease Removal

Fuel Flow Monitor Troubleshooting

Hi All, I was out at the airport this morning working on the fuel flow monitoring system in my RV-10. I am not getting any reading on my AFS 4500EE. As you read in the previous post, I have 2 fuel transducers. Today I isolated each of the transducers and fed them directly into the 4500EE. Happily, each of them performed perfectly. This leads me to the resolver box that is supposed to read each of them and subtract the supply from the return. Maybe I have them wired backwards and the resolved output can’t go below zero? That might lead to the output of zero on the monitor. I will have to run the wires back to identify the Continue reading Fuel Flow Monitor Troubleshooting

Fuel Flow Monitoring With the LS1

Hi Everyone, The LS1 has a fuel rail that requires unused fuel to be returned to the tank. This presents a problem when you compare fuel flow monitoring with the IO-540 set-up. As there is no need to return fuel to the tank with the Lycoming you only need to have one transducer to monitor the flow. My set-up requires that I monitor the fuel flow in both directions and then subtract the two to determine the usage. I use 2 of the Red cube fuel flow transducers which plug into a resolver box supplied by Advanced Flight Systems. This box takes the signal from the individual sensors and subtracts the supply from the return and sends the resolved signal Continue reading Fuel Flow Monitoring With the LS1