Delphi MEFI-4b Programming and Tuning

Hi Everyone, I received a message from my engine ECM guru Bob at OBD Diagnostics today indicating that he has recently done some work a Velocity with an LS1 in it. It has the same Delphi MEFI-4b ECM in it as is used in my RV-10. Bob said that he had a look at the tune that was supplied with the unit as purchased from Painless Performance. His assessment was not very good. He felt that the engine was being run too lean and he has since come up with a baseline tune that is better for the engine in the aviation environment. The whole issue of what ECM is best to run these alternative engines in aircraft has been Continue reading Delphi MEFI-4b Programming and Tuning

Andair Fuel Cap Modification

Hello Everyone, I recently had the final inspection completed  on my RV-10 and one of the snags surprised me. The inspector was looking at my beautiful Andair fuel caps and asked me whether they were ground bonded to the airframe. I didn’t know so we took a multi-meter and checked to see if there was an electrical connection between the Andair sleeve that gets bonded into the original fuel neck in Van’s wing tank and the wing skin. There wasn’t. This meant that I had to come up with a way to electrically connect the original neck of the fuel tank and the sleeve that gets bonded in with tank sealant. What I did to correct this was to  drill Continue reading Andair Fuel Cap Modification

New Canadian Flight Planning Site

Hi Everyone, I just came across a new flight planning site that has been developed by Canadians and is Canadian at its core. It is called World Flight Planner. What a refreshing change. It seems that all of the products that I have been reviewing lately in anticipation of flying my plane think that Canada is only 100 miles from North to South! It is frustrating to see all of these wonderful tools in the hands of the Americans and we are left in the cold up here with our whiz wheels!! EH to GO Doug and Blake!! You have made one Canadian VERY Happy. Dave

Paul Gray’s RV-7 Arm Rest Mod

Hi Everyone, I found this mod in the back pages of  Doug Reeves’ site Paul Grey from Alabama came up with an arm rest for his RV-7 that is functional and nice looking. I have clipped his caption to explain the photos. Dave Hi all, Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Thought I’d post a couple pictures of my cockpit… er… the evolution on the cockpit. The cockpit was pretty much done then I decided I wanted an arm rest. This is what I came up with. Super simple and cheap. You’ll see I also moved the elevator trim knob to just under the armrest. The reason I moved it was because if I was in the seat with Continue reading Paul Gray’s RV-7 Arm Rest Mod

Separate Fuses for Each Coil

Hi Everyone, I received notice from Geared Drives a while ago that they are suggesting that everyone install separate fuses for each of the ignition coils. Apparently they had an occurrence of a coil shorting out. This in turn caused the fuse that supplies all of the coils to blow and the total loss of power. Geared Drives suggested that we purchase a Granger fuse holder and 20A fuse for each coil pack. The Granger unit looks like this: Here is a photo of the finished installation on my LS1: It worked out that it is a very neat installation that leaves me lots of room to get at the fuses. Looks “Factory”! Keep on building but remember to kiss Continue reading Separate Fuses for Each Coil

Engine Start Warning Horn

Greetings, I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! I have an airplane that doesn’t have a small window for the pilot to open and shout “CLEAR” out of when starting the engine. When it is cold out you want that door shut and with its gull wing design you cant leave it raised with the engine running. Initially, I thought that it would be neat to have a small powered PA speaker mounted in the engine compartment through which you could broadcast your “CLEAR” at the appropriate time. It would be somehow linked into the audio panel and your headset microphone. This idea proved to be more trouble than it solved. I then got the idea of installing a Continue reading Engine Start Warning Horn

New Blog for Dial2Start and Cellular Controls

Hi everyone, I would like to announce that I have started a separate blog that will talk about my Dail2Start Cellular Control Units and in general remote control via GSM controlled switches. I would be very pleased if you signed up to follow either of my blogs as this gets the word out further and wider to people who might be interested in purchasing my units. Briefly, the Dial2Start Cellular Switch can operate any 100v appliance, motor, pump,etc. from anywhere in the world via SMS text messaging. It works great for starting up furnaces at cottages, controlling vehicle pre-heaters and such. Heck, I even have a unit in a bill board controlling a JackPot sign that lights up when the Continue reading New Blog for Dial2Start and Cellular Controls