Dial-2-Start Cellular Remote Switches Available

Hi Everyone, I am VERY happy to announce that the first run of Dial-2-Start Cellular Remote Switches are ready for sale. For those who haven’t been following the development of this product, I have been developing a device that will control your engine pre-heater allowing you to start heating up your engine by simply calling the unit. The unit plugs into any standard 110 volt socket and can supply 12 amps to any type of heater or other device you choose. It has 2 output circuits that have LED lights in the ends so you can tell if the unit is activated. The outputs can be set to turn on for a specific amount of time up to 18 hours Continue reading Dial-2-Start Cellular Remote Switches Available

RV-10 Auxillary Fuel Tank

I thought that I would talk a little bit about the axillary fuel tank I have installed in the forward part of the baggage compartment in my RV-10. The RV-10 is a four place aircraft and as such is pretty nose heavy when you are flying with only the front seats occupied. As such, many owners fly with removable ballast in the baggage compartment. This ballast can take many forms such as a bag of sand, tool bag or in my case fuel. I designed a fuel tank that fits in the forward co-pilot’s side of the baggage compartment. It occupies the triangular shaped cavity below the cross member at the front of the baggage compartment. It is mounted to Continue reading RV-10 Auxillary Fuel Tank