Replacement Bushings – RV-10 Wheel Pant Bracket

Hi All, I heard through the Matronix RV-10 forum that owners of RV-10s are finding the main gear wheel pants a bit loose when being inspected during the annual inspection. What is happening is a purely material thing! The aluminum bracket that the wheel pant attaches to on the inboard side is attached to another steel bracket that is bolted to the axle. These two parts are not bolted directly together. Instead, they are separated by a  length of aluminum tube. This tube spans between the face of the aluminum pant attachment bracket and a 1/2″ steel insert that is reduced to 3/8″ where it rests in a hole in the steel bracket attached to the axle. Have a look Continue reading Replacement Bushings – RV-10 Wheel Pant Bracket

Alternative Engine Wiring Harnesses – Does Your Harness Use the Correct Wire?

I am building a Van’s RV-10 with a Chevrolet LS1 V8 engine in place of the Lycoming IO-540. My build has progressed along pretty much as planned but I did run into a bit of a problem when it came to wiring the firewall forward.   As many of you have seen under the hood of your automobile, there is a large mass of wires that originates at the engine computer module (ECM) that fan out to the various sensors and actuators throughout the engine compartment. As the engine I have chosen is of the same automotive origin, I have had to play in their sandbox so to speak when it comes to wiring harnesses.   I first started looking Continue reading Alternative Engine Wiring Harnesses – Does Your Harness Use the Correct Wire?

RV-10 Rear Seat Heat Vent Mod

Good Morning, I came across this mod on this morning. Dean said that he had passengers in the back seat complaining of hot feet and cold shoulders. I have heard this a number of times in other conversations both personal and on the net. Dean came up with a creative solution to the problem. He purchased one of the high quality eyeball vents from Steinair. In the photo below you will see how Dean cut a hole in the tunnel cover above the Tee manifold supplying warm air to the rear foot wells. I like this idea as it allows the passengers the ability to regulate and direct the warm air where it is needed and most comfortable. You Continue reading RV-10 Rear Seat Heat Vent Mod

Engine Wiring Harness – Progress

I have been working on the engine wiring harness and have made some progress. I have taken all of the wires and replaced them with Tefzel wire. I have crimped on new terminals at the sensor or device ends. This went very smoothly and I am happy with the result. I have run all of the wires across the engine compartment and down one of the rails of the engine mount on the co-pilot side. The engine computer is mounted on the co-pilot side of the firewall about mid height. This is where all of the wires run to and get terminated in either of two 32 pin connectors or they go to the ignition relay and power sources. I Continue reading Engine Wiring Harness – Progress

RV-10 – LS1 Cowl Modifications

Hi Everyone, I have been working with Ed Hollestelle Jr. in an effort to modify the cowl on my RV-10 so that it will fit over the Geared Drives PSRU. The whole process of coming up with a new profile on the lower cowl was hugely daunting for me. I would much rather work on aluminum than the fiberglass. I would sit there on my little wheelie chair and stare at the gaping hole in the lower cowl that I had to cut into it to get the lower cowl to fit up around the engine and gearbox. I didn’t have a clue where to start. I heard about Ed from his father who is a member of the local Continue reading RV-10 – LS1 Cowl Modifications