Dial 2 Start Cellular Switch

Hello All, We have made significant progress to date in the development of the cell switches. I am happy to announce that the prototype unit is going to be submitted for product safety testing next week. This process will take from 4 to 6 weeks and will end with the issuance of a cTUVus rating. This process will give customers the assurance that this electrical appliance has been properly tested to meet IEEE standards and is ready for the market place. I am happy to be offering this fully certified product to a market that has seen other offerings that look very similar. None of the other products that I have come across in my research have been put through Continue reading Dial 2 Start Cellular Switch

Removable NACA Vent Covers

I was parusing the wonderful Van’s Airforce site run by my friend Doug Reeves the other day and I came across a post by Bob Axsom. He is always looking to reduce drag on his airplane and came up with an interesting cover for the NACA intake on the side of his plane. Using a piece of aluminum cut out to the shape of the NACA air intake opening he rivited another piece of aluminum to the wider end (aft) so that it would go in behind the skin of the aircraft. On the narrowend he dirlled and dimpled a hole for a flush screw. The screw extends through the plastic duct to a fastener behind. Now, Bob did this for Continue reading Removable NACA Vent Covers

Engine Wiring Harness – Continued

Good Morning, I had my good friend John Goris from Purple Hill Aviation (www.purplehillair.com) over this morning to have a look at my RV-10. We were talking the other day about this wiring harness redo when I was out at his shop. John does all sorts of aircraft maintenance. He works on both certified and non-certified aircraft and has been a great resource to me as I trod along the path to completion of my RV-10 project. John currently has a Cessna 337 in his shop which is being converted over to have new engines. The owner is installing turbocharged LS7 engines both front and back. It is quite a project. The guy wants to be able to fly it Continue reading Engine Wiring Harness – Continued

Engine Wiring Harness

Hi Everyone, I spent most of my free time on the weekend working on the engine wiring harness. After consulting with AC43-13 which is a manual that sets out acceptable methods and practices regarding aircraft construction and repair, I determined that the PVC coated copper wire used in the construction of the engine wiring harness did not meet the standard. PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is the plastic material used to insulate most modern wire used in engine wiring harnesses. The PVC insulation used in engine wiring harness will burn and when it does it gives off a very toxic smoke. Not good if you are in an airplane. The melting point of PVC is around 175 deg F. or Continue reading Engine Wiring Harness

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Good Morning, Today I am going to talk about the purpose and placement of the fuel regulator for my LS1 fuel supply system. The LS1 engine I have mounted to my RV-10 requires a fuel supply system that supplies high pressure fuel to a fuel rail connected to the fuel injectors. This ensures a constant supply of 50-60psi fuel at the injector which is only used when the fuel injector is triggered by the ECM. The fuel system also requires that the fuel flows through this fuel rail and eventually back to the supply tank. At some point in that circuit the pressure needs to be returned to atmospheric and this happens as it goes through the pressure regulator. The Continue reading Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fire Sleeve for Fuel Supply Lines

Morning, I am going to talk about fuel lines in the engine compartment and how important it is to have them properly routed and protected from heat sources. My RV-10 has a fair amount of fuel line running throughout the engine compartment. Along with this line are some pretty significant sources of heat. I have given a great deal of thought to the placement an routing of the fuel lines. This has been fueled (sorry!) by the knowledge of an incident involving another V8 powered aircraft that had a fuel line failure within the engine compartment. The aircraft was a Wheeler Express and there was very little time to get the aircraft on the ground. Luckily there were only minor Continue reading Fire Sleeve for Fuel Supply Lines

Header Tank Drain Valve

Hello Fellow Modifiers, I would like to touch base on the importance of being able to check your fuel for water and foreign contamination. As we all know you have to be vigilant when it comes to checking for water in our fuel systems. This has had an influence on the design of the header tank that is mounted on the cockpit side of the firewall in my RV-10. I designed the tank such that there was a sloped reservoir at the bottom 2 inches of the cylinder that makes up the tank. The dual high pressure pumps draw fuel from bungs welded an inch or so up the side of the tank. The drain bung was welded on the Continue reading Header Tank Drain Valve