LS1 Engine Test Stand

Hi Everyone,

 Well, I managed to get the engine through customs and back home without any troubles. I have taken it to a friend’s shop where he has a forklift and could take it off of my trailer. He is also going to be the guy who builds my engine test stand.

Engine test stand you say! You betcha! I am going to be installing a newly developed dual Engine Control Module in my airplane and I am not going to be testing it in the air. We are going to put some hours on this system to ensure that all of the parameters are set correctly. As well, we are going to get the gearbox installed and put some load on the engine.

I am going to do this by designing the engine test stand to be mounted in my trailer such that the prop has sufficient ground clearance to be run with the engine. We will attach the test stand with bolts to the frame of the trailer and then hook the trailer to the van. I will also put in some stakes and tie the trailer down to them to keep it from hopping around.

I have decided to emulate the aircraft forward of the firewall as closely as possible so that the components used in the test stand will be able to be transferred directly to the aircraft. I purchased the steel for the engine mount yesterday and have begun the process of measuring the mount in my plane so that we can approximate it in the test stand.

I’ll give you more as I get it done and in the mean time I will keep on with the posts describing the work I have already completed.


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