LS1 – Update

Hi Everyone, First off, I would like to hear back from all of those who are following this thread. Drop me a quick e-mail or leave a comment if you are enjoying this topic. The engine is now being fitted to a spacial test frame that will eventually allow me to run the whole engine/gearbox/propeller system on my trailer. This is going to be very helpful in dialing in the engine and to catch any problems with the system before it is mounted in the plane. It will also allow us to put a load on the engine during testing to see how the custom ECM set up performs. I should have the basics of the test frame done near Continue reading LS1 – Update

Dial2Start Cellular Switches – Update

Had a conversation with Rogers/AT&T the other day. They are my local carrier here in Ontario, Canada. Basically, they were happy to have the units run on their system and they have a product that will allow you to run your unit for under $10 per month. I am going to get one of their SIMs into our Beta units and start using it in our hangar on my partner’s RV-9A. I am still waiting on my overseas partners to get their ducks aligned and send me some extension antennas and finalize the product specifications. Once this is done I can assemble some final production units that can be sent out for CSA/UL testing. The units will not be released Continue reading Dial2Start Cellular Switches – Update

Dial2Start GSM Switch Update

Hi All, This project has been plodding along at a pace that frustrates me somewhat. This is partly due to the difficulty in dealing with development partners overseas and the fact that i have a lot of irons in the fire right now. One of the stumbling blocks with this system is the fact that the customer has to establish a relationship with a cellular carrier for this unit to work. In the beginning we were thinking that we would hold a corporate account with T-Mobile and the customer would simply logon to an account controlled by us to add minutes to their cards. This is a non starter for me simply due to the PITA factor. I have been Continue reading Dial2Start GSM Switch Update

LS1 Engine Test Stand

Hi Everyone,  Well, I managed to get the engine through customs and back home without any troubles. I have taken it to a friend’s shop where he has a forklift and could take it off of my trailer. He is also going to be the guy who builds my engine test stand. Engine test stand you say! You betcha! I am going to be installing a newly developed dual Engine Control Module in my airplane and I am not going to be testing it in the air. We are going to put some hours on this system to ensure that all of the parameters are set correctly. As well, we are going to get the gearbox installed and put some load on Continue reading LS1 Engine Test Stand