Adjustable Axle Spacer Revival

Well I have received a couple of requests for my axle spacers even though the ones from Matco have been released. Thank you to those who like the design of my spacers over theirs. The comments that I have received are that customers want the stainless steel spacers I offer instead of the aluminum ones from Matco. So here is what I am going to do. I am willing to produce these in small lots of 5 units and will put people on a waiting list until I get the 5 orders needed to manufacture them. This way I don’t have a whole lot of inventory sitting around. I am also going to sell these units directly rather than through Continue reading Adjustable Axle Spacer Revival

Adjustable Pre-Load Front Axle Spacers

Hi Everyone, It seems as though I have been scooped in the marketplace!! With the introduction of the Matco adjustable axle my product offering has effectively been run outta town! There is little chance of me being able to compete with a product being offered by the company with whom the problem originated. This is just how things go sometimes. I would like to inform those who had contacted Cleaveland Tools to place a pre-order that I have canceled the product offering in fairness to Mike at Cleaveland Tools even though they had ordered product already. I would hate to have that product sit on their shelves with no interest in them. To those who had the confidence to pre-order Continue reading Adjustable Pre-Load Front Axle Spacers

Cell Phone Controlled Remote Switch for Engine Pre-Heaters

I am looking into developing a cell phone controlled remote switch that would allow you to call a number and have the airplane start pre-heating before you even leave for the airport. I have found a circuit board that when triggered by the light of the cell phone screen will energize a relay that inturn energizes a recepticle you can plug your engine heater into. The cell phone would be of the inexpensive pre-paid type and would be pluged in and powered on all of the time. The cool trick is that you don’t have to even have the phone answer the call. The phone always activates the screen light when the incoming call is received and that is what Continue reading Cell Phone Controlled Remote Switch for Engine Pre-Heaters