Follow-Up On Adjustable Axle Spacers

I’ve been working diligently in getting the axle spacer program up and running. Thanks to all of you who have come to read about them and who have gone to Cleaveland Tools and put your name on their waiting list. I will have product to them around the 15th of January. I installed the prototypes on my nose gear today and took pictures to put together an informative instruction sheet. We got lots of good pictures and Mike Lauritsen is going to add them to his order page in the next couple of days. I am hoping to get he word out to the RV-6/7/8/9 crowd that I have a fix for their problem design as well. It would be Continue reading Follow-Up On Adjustable Axle Spacers

Adjustable Pre-Load Front Axle Spacers for RV-6/7/8/9

I have been able to take the design for the RV-10 axle spacers and modify them to fit the RV-6, 7, 8 and 9A front wheel. They use the same bearing as the RV-10 and have been having the same problem with the spacers supplied by Van’s pre-loading on the bearing seal. In this application, I reproduced the same configuration as the RV-10 including the through axle. I am going to be offering these two kits for sale through Cleaveland Aircraft Tools. Retail price for the RV-10 will be around US$180.00 and the RV-6/7/8/9 will be around US$190.00 as the new axle is included. Cleaveland has not confirmed the final price but this is close. They will be available in Continue reading Adjustable Pre-Load Front Axle Spacers for RV-6/7/8/9