RV-10 Heater for Liquid Cooled Engines

Everyone, As you all know by now I am going to install a Corvette LS-1 Engine in my RV-10. I have chosen the conversion package from Geared Drives and will be receiving my engine package next summer. In the mean time I have been working on all of the systems that need to be in place to support this beast. One of those is the cabin heater. I now have the use of hot liquid coolant from the engine to heat the cabin so I have made a heater box that its in the center tunnel just forward of the fuel valve. I called the fine people at British American Transfer (BAT Inc) and ordered a 4 in. SPAL slim Continue reading RV-10 Heater for Liquid Cooled Engines

RV-10 – Adjustable Front Axle Wheel Spacers

For some time now I have been hearing of problems intrinsic to Van’s front wheel design in that there have been instances of wheel shimmy and the loss of preload on the front wheel bearings. My investigation into the problem has led me in a couple of directions.   First, there is the issue of the bearings spinning on the axle and the subsequent damage that is caused to the yoke. Van’s has tried to fix the initial problem due to a spacer that was too thin. At 1/16″, the spacer would bite into the bearing race and start to spin on the axle shaft. The spacer would then start cutting into the aluminum yoke and all bearing preload would Continue reading RV-10 – Adjustable Front Axle Wheel Spacers

Been Away For A While

Hi Everyone, Been away from this site for way too long I have been working on my RV-10 and have added products to my line offered through Cleaveland Aircraft Tools. I currently have 6 products that I sell through Cleaveland and I am always looking for more. If you have an accessory that you have designed and don’t want to market but would like to see successful. Send me a e-mail at dhertner@kitaircraftmods.com I would be happy to discuss it with you. The latest product I have designed is a replacement spacer set for the RV-10 nose wheel. This spacer set consists of a solid spacer on one side of the wheel bearing and a two-piece threaded spacer on the Continue reading Been Away For A While