Dual Throttle Set-up for an RV

I came across an interesting throttle set-up installed in Scott Jackson’s RV. I didn’t see which model of RV he has but it’s a side-by-side model. It seems that there are a number of pilots out there that want this kind of arrangement because they have flown for the military.

I have always wondered what it would be like to operate the center control stick with my right hand. Having learned to fly in a Piper and then switching to Cessnas later on, I learned using my left hand on the yoke. It would be nice though to be able to control the aircraft with my dominant hand.

The more I look at Scott’s installation the more I like its simplicity. I think that I will look and see if there is room along the side of my RV-10 to install a second throttle. I will post Scott’s commentary along with some pictures.


I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible by making the left hand throttle connect to the center throttle right at the quadrant. This was possible by making the center-throttle lever extend below the pivot point so that it could be driven by, or drive, the left-hand throttle while the portion of it above the pivot was connected conventionally to the carburetor. Works well. Only problem to date has been a tiny bit of lost motion which I’m tracking down by bushing the pivot and clevis holes in the levers. Time will tell if the left-hand lever is too far aft-presently it’s right in line with the control stick when the stick is vertical. Since the pictures were taken, I’ve cut the left throttle lever shorter so the ex-military throttle grip almost touches the armrest.”

img_0047.jpg img_0044.jpg img_0043.jpg

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