RVs on Floats

This is something that you don’t see every day!! I had a fellow in the yesterday having a look at the fiberglass parts that Van’s sends with their kits. This guy lives, eats and breathes everything composite. From America’s Cup boats to custom canoes for children. I have seen his work and I am glad that he came over. When we had a moment to talk, he told me that Clamar Floats, whom he does a lot of work for is going to be installing a set of their beautiful composite floats on a Van’s RV-7. Talk about a conversation starter. Apparently this fellow lives in the Pacific northwest and is quite an accomplished float plane pilot. This isn’t the Continue reading RVs on Floats

Duckworks HID Landing and Taxi Lighting

When it comes to Van’s aircraft lighting there is a number of choices that you have to make before closing out the wings. I have touched on the very cool wing tip position lighting from Jeff Bordelon but you have to make a decision on the landing and taxi lighting as well. There are two schools of thought here. You can either put them in the wing tip with the position lights or you can install them in the leading edge of the wing. The wing tip lights are small compared to the leading edge lighting and they tuck neatly into the wing tip lens. This is about all I think that they have going for them. I have purchased Continue reading Duckworks HID Landing and Taxi Lighting

The First RV-10 in Canada Flies with a James Cowl

Hello Everyone, News coming across the wire in the last couple of days is that David Carrigan from Prince Edward Island, Canada has flown the first RV-10 to be built north of the 49th parallel. I had the opportunity to talk with Dave on the phone the other day as he had seen a post of mine and called to find out where I was in the construction of my ’10. He hadn’t flown his yet when he called so I would like to publicly say congratulations to him for getting his new bird into the sky. Dave has what I think is going to be a popular modification made to his airplane. He has swapped out the standard Van’s Continue reading The First RV-10 in Canada Flies with a James Cowl

The Last Couple of Days and Readers Comments

I haven’t posted for a day or so because I have been actually working on my airplane. I have had a local upholsterer here at in the garage taking measurements for the wonderful leather and fabric seat covers that I have designed. He is also taking the measurements to make templates for the side panels and carpet sections. I can’t believe the cost of an upholstery job. I am lucky though that I found someone local who has experience with aircraft. I am having him make all of the templates so that I can offer an upholstery package that is less expensive. This might mean that we will have to put out a standard set of colors to keep the Continue reading The Last Couple of Days and Readers Comments

Van’s and Alternative Engines

Van’s recently posted a Service Bulletin regarding the modification of RV-10 engine mounts. The problem with the engine mounts is that they will not accommodate certain variants of the venerable (I)O-540, A crossbar that runs near the induction sump interferes with certain models of cold air sumps such as those offered by Barrett Performance. In the SB Van’s says that “it is the builders responsibility to assure that any NON-Lycoming engine (including ‘clones’) be dimensionally equal to that of the stock 260hp Lycoming (I)O-540.” Van’s has always held firm on the insistence that 260hp be the limit for this aircraft and there have been some who have increased the performance of the (I)O-540 D4A5 engine through the addition if different Continue reading Van’s and Alternative Engines

Whelen Tail Strobe Mount – Follow Up

It is funny how you can have this perception as to how a product needs to be manufactured and then you talk to someone who offers up a completely different and better way to do it. I had another look at my tail strobe mount ring the other day and was talking to an engineer that has experience in CNC and other manufacturing technologies. Here I was thinking that I would need to set up a bar of aluminum and have a 2 axis CNC milling machine mill the shape out. I would then take the remainder of the bar and simply cut the parts off from it using a band saw. This vision defaulted to my usual way of Continue reading Whelen Tail Strobe Mount – Follow Up

Electric Rudder Trim

Many builders are talking about installing electric rudder trim. The RV-10 is a very capable cross country machine that could benefit from rudder trim during those long flights. The problem with a fixed rudder trim tab is that it performs best in a narrow range of speed. With the capabilities of the RVs in general and especially the RV-10 there is a need to vary the angle on the trim tab. I initially heard about trim system that Vic Syracuse installed on the Matronics list. Vic did a very nice job of shoehorning a Mac servo into the rudder on his RV-10. I have heard that you can install this system after the rudder has been built. It takes some Continue reading Electric Rudder Trim